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The best sudoku for you phone and tablet

You can get from for Android and for...

First Android Application: Sudoku

This is the first full Android application I have coded. I followed steps in the book "Hello, Android" and have reviewed a variety of application types. I plan to continue learning and developing...

Sudoku App on Android

Free Game Sudoku Fun and Strategy Google Play: Amazon: Download the App to your cell phone and have fun playing Sudoku! ...

'Greater than Killer Sudoku' on iOS and Android

Download here. Google-play link- iOS link- Amazon app store link-

Playing Sudoku Plus

Classic Sudoku game. 4000 free Sudoku challenges: easy, medium, hard & very... Sudoku Plus2 is developed by NRSM. Read the full review of Sudoku Plus at

Addictive-Sudoku on iOS and Android

Download from here- Google play link- iOS link- Amazon app store link- http://www.a...


Play Sudoku with Sudoku app for your Android phone and tablet. Challenge yourself with 5000 puzzles and 5 levels of difficulty from Easy to Extreme. Features: - 5000 sudoku puzzles. - Portrait...


With Apple's ARkit, studios are showing what's possible. See more at Don't forget to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Sudoku 10'000 Overview

Are you looking for a real challenge? Sudoku 10'000 is the only Sudoku app for Android teaching you all solving techniques from easy Hidden Singles to advanced Bivalue Universal Graves and Sue de Coq.

'Killer-Sudoku Free' on iOS and Android

Downlod it now. Google-play link- iOS link- Amazon app store link-

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